Episode FOUR Kids Supersize Vs. Superskinny Season Kids

Series 1 | Episode 4 | Cameron and Aled

Eleven-stone Cameron, who grazes on sugary snacks all day, meets 15-year-old Aled, who’s is literally too scared to eat.

In this episode two families who are polar opposites when it comes to food come together in the feeding clinic. Eleven-year-old Cameron weighs almost four stone more than he should. But according to mum Eloise, it’s not because she lets him eat too much – it’s just `food likes Cameron’.

As Eloise finally admits responsibility for her son’s weight gain, Cameron gets a postcard from America from 13-year-old Travis who weighs in at a mammoth eighteen stone. Can his words of warning shock Cameron into turning his life around before it’s too late?

Aled weighs in at just over seven stone. It is a huge concern for his mum Jayne who used to be an anorexic. When Aled’s weight dropped to just five and a half stone last year his mum knew that something was seriously wrong. Aled was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. But despite not suffering an attack in the last eight months, he still refuses to try new foods. So Dr Jessen has lined up some gruesome pictures to show Aled what could happen to his body if he doesn’t change his ways. But will the shock tactics work?

And the programme hears from 16- year-old Emily, whose pursuit of perfection led to anorexia and nearly killed her.

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