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HD may all your new year fill with magic peace and and good health. My films below what are these bright objects with no sound above me please why do choppers come and fly over the same place the objects were ? thanks for your important time please could you tell me its important what are they? look as it was in the distance then closer over the tree i was standing under fast forward to see the tree and ufos at 0:22 mins into this clip this is the whole complete film in low res this is a better res film hear on this link better detail more hear Like · · Share · 55 minutes ago THE MALTA CONNECTION NIGHT VISION GEN 3 FILM this film is from outside my malta hotel room these next films are from uk below…See more ufos at 35,000 feet over malta ufos at 35.000 i like it at 0:39 mins into this film link…See more malta outside my hotel at the beach ufo at the beach CHOPPER OUT SIDE THE HOTEL I WAS IN… its a bit early for my wake up call:) · THE MALTA UFO CONNECTION THIS GREAT HOTEL IS WERE THEY HELD THE UFO CONFERENCE… Wall Photos wake up call in the sun:) LOOK HEAR at this film of mine from under malta Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti (In Latin, “Hypogeum” is the name for an underground structure. this is a great place in malta from my trip there
Għar Dalam (pronounced ar dàlam in Maltese and meaning “Cave of Darkness”).m4v
Għar Dalam (pronounced ar dàlam in Maltese and meaning “Cave of Darkness”) The Hypogeum is amazing. the first video above Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti (In Latin, “Hypogeum” is the name for an underground structure It’s dark and damp, and really like nothing I’ve ever see before. They light it as you move around, and as the audio guide changes, to highlight what it is telling you about. Shuffling round the small spaces with a group of strangers does detract somewhat from the atmosphere, but I would personally still recommend it as a unique experience. I couldn’t quite believe I was standing in such an ancient place, built by people we don’t fully understand, who had barely any tools and yet managed to create a decorated temple/tomb that was the resting place for some 7000 people. People whose remains have since been mysteriously lost – one of the fascinating facts I learned from the tour guide at the Museum of Archaeology (which I would recommend as the first stop before going to the actual sites).

One of the most famous underground rooms was actually created as a single carving, straight out of the rock, and yet is done in such a way as to give it perspective and the appearance of having been constructed from separate slabs of rock like the temples above ground. Truly fascinating.

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