Are you looking for the best way to find long lost family or friends? Here are a few tips from one of the people location experts. Check out our websites, or

1 Know the current name. Without a name you’re flogging a dead horse. If you daont have the name this is a major hurdle you will have to overcome before moving forward.

2, Look on the internet. Search the name and area if the name is common then you may pull up too many results so try focusing your searches on specific name spellings and specific regions. Facebook, twitter and other online social media accounts can often put you in touch rather quickly

3, Look on the electoral roll. There are hundreds of sources out there to undertake electoral roll searches or the local borough should have a copy of the register and you should be able to view it free at the local town hall or reference library.

4, Check the phone book. Check local and national listings. If possible check historical listings. This may bit a bit trickier but again, if you know the area and time frame they were there, old phone books may hold current contact details.

5, If the person has married and changed her name then you need to search deeper. Birth and marriage searches can often pull up data that will help close your case so checking the applicable indexes is always a good route to undertake.

If all else fails call people Location on 0208 390 1703 our expert tracing specialists can assist in all areas of UK people tracing. Or feel free to look us up online at or

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