Return of the Saint Intro. Ian Ogilvy. 1978-1979. UK.

Return of the Saint was a British action-adventure television series that aired for one season in 1978 and 1979 in Britain on ITV, and was also broadcast on CBS in the United States. It was co-produced by ITC Entertainment and the Italian broadcaster RAI and ran for 24 episodes.

Return of the Saint is a revival/updating of The Saint, a programme based upon the stories of Leslie Charteris that had originally aired from 1962 to 1969 and starred Roger Moore as Simon Templar (the character, in turn, had been introduced by Charteris in a series of novels and short stories dating back to 1928). The new series starred Ian Ogilvy as Templar, an independently wealthy, somewhat mysterious “do-gooder” known as “The Saint”. Templar is shown travelling around Britain and Europe, helping out the people he encounters, though he is also often summoned by past acquaintances.

The series borrowed a few storytelling elements from its predecessor. Once again, each episode began with Simon narrating an introduction to set the scene for viewers, and each pre-credit sequence ended with an animated halo appearing above Templar’s head as he was identified. The series also made a recurring reference to the 1930s–40s film series. As well as the 1940s radio series that starred Vincent Price as Templar: as the halo appears over Simon’s head and just before the opening credits begin, a short phrase of music is heard; this is not actually part of the specially composed theme music for the Return of the Saint series, but is in fact the signature theme of the Saint from film and radio.

Other than these cosmetic touches, there is no continuity implied between the Ogilvy and Moore series.

Created by
Leslie Charteris

Ian Ogilvy

Country of origin
United Kingdom

No. of episodes


Running time
48–50 min.


Original channel

Original release
10 September 1978 – 11 March 1979


Preceded by
The Saint

Rates : 0