Funeral Directors can increase family referrals and reduce cost by using obituaries on their Website

Paul Tomes, co-founder of, shares how his Dad’s Funeral Business is increasing family referrals and reducing costs; both running costs of the Funeral Home and advertising costs:

Start of Transcript:
Hi, Paul Tomes here.

Well it’s great to be back and thank you for joining me again.
Thanks for your comments and questions. Do keep them coming. I’m only too happy to share my experiences and ideas

Now today, I am going to give you the most value of all. Today I am going to share what I found was one of my Dad’s most under utilised assets. And I guarantee it’s going to be yours too.
I know because I’ve checked.
I am going to share what I did for my Dad’s business, and what you can do for yours. I’m even going to show you the results you can expect.

Before we start let’s quickly take stock of what you’ve achieved so far.

You’re now have a consistent professional compassionate image on the web, reflecting the service your client families experience.
You have a Google Places Page which is ensuring that your correct information is shown to those 80% of people starting their funeral planning online
The modern day equivalent of the yellow pages advert For free!

You may even have your website updated; looking great on today’s devices
With helpful content and functionality.
Working harder for you. Building trust and rapport- even before they walk through your door

Well that’s exactly where my Dad’s business was around Christmas time. And I must say I was pretty chuffed.
BUT I knew that in the same way you need to regularly clean and update your Funeral Home. Change the cut flowers in the Chapels of Rest. Or even update your limousines and hearse.

I knew that my Dad’s online asset needs to be maintained.
And unlike the big companies I had worked for, my Dad did not have a technology or marketing team, or any personal inclincation to spend their day’s playing with code and content. After all he’s a funeral director.

And so it got me thinking. This is very similar to my day job, where I consult to hedge funds.
The majority of hedge funds are small businesses with 5-6 employees who attract 90% of their investment, i.e. their income, from referrals.
Not unlike yourselves.

Now, Successful hedge funds need to make sure that their fund strategy and performance can be found and validated quickly and easily.
This is where we use the major search engines to help us.
A search engine’s goal is to deliver the most timely and authoritative information it can find to those who are looking.
The more authority a search engine can attach to particular source, the higher it appears in the search results.
And two of the major factors it considers when determining authority is;
where did they first find this information
and how many other pages are referring to that information.

Now let me tell you the magic and how this applies to you.

I’m sure that most people who talk to you about search engine optimisation will talk about really big search terms like ‘funeral directors’.
And funeral directors is a big term. It’s a highly competitive keyword.

Like I mentioned last week there’s over 110000 people in the UK keying it into Google every month.

There are lots of people searching to find your services,
but what you might not be realise is there are over 10 times more people searching for information about individuals who have recently passed.

Now who’s one of the first people to learn about that information
You, as the funeral director

OK…so what?
well let’s think about the timeline in the case of when someone dies,
but looking at it from the perspective of a search engine.

A person dies.

Google doesn’t know this yet
but within the first couple of days, it receives half a dozen searches for that person’s name together with a term like funeral, death, obituary or died.
It also notices that the majority of the searches originate from your local area

So google says to itself “I’d bettter go and find some local authoritative information”. It will latch on to anything it can. Whatever information is out there

More often than not it can’t find anything

Not until either the local newspaper, a public registry or an obituary service posts something on line.

But at best nothing appears online for several days, and in many cases it can take weeks. Especially if the family decide not to put an obituary in the paper.
Yet all the time, more and more people are searching

Now typically these people are friends, family and acquaintances of the deceased.
And even though volumes are small – perhaps only a few dozen – these are precisely the people that you want associating your business with the care of their loved one.
Now I really want you to stop and think about this.

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