Bill Woodhouse knew Tory child abuse prime minister Ted Heath through yachting & Royal Navy

Interview with Bill Woodhouse, former boater and acquaintance of Edward Heath – he discusses his meetings with him and stories he heard about his life: Heaths’ gay relationships and rumours scandals and cover-ups at Balliol College of blackmailing; at outbreak of WWII Heath goes on camping trip through Poland and into Nazi Germany with his alleged boyfriend and lifelong confidant banker Madron Seligman; Heath then joined an Anti-Aircraft regiment in Liverpool – were the Germans aware of convoy movements? In later life Heath was paid £212k annually by the Chinese government as ‘a Public Relations retainer’; Britain entered the EEC in 1974 under Heath’s premiership but Bill Woodhouse says he was worried ‘people are calling me a traitor’ – Double Olympic gold medallist Rodney Pattison was snubbed by Ted Heath but DID get his 1969 MBE contrary to what Bill says. Loss of sovereignty in the EEC and subsequent EU.
Chris Bollyn discusses Israeli terrorism: King David Hotel; Operation Black Sabbath and 9/11

Edward Heath child abuse: Prison officer in North Yorkshire claims former prime minister abused him
By Lewis Dean August 18, 2015 16:47 BST

Sir Edward Heath has been accused of abusing a prison officer in North Yorkshire but cleared of committing any crimes in the region. The former Conservative prime minister, who died in 2005 aged 89, is accused of sexually abusing children and is said to be one of the figures being investigated under Operation Midland into claims boys were abused by politicians and other powerful men at locations across southern England and in London in the 1970s and 1980s.

Five police forces – the Metropolitan Police in London and ones in Wiltshire, Jersey, Hampshire and Kent – launched their own inquiries into suspected child abuse including claims the former Tory leader raped a 12-year-old boy in 1961.

North Yorkshire police has confirmed that while they do not believe Heath committed crimes there, Wiltshire Police is handling a complaint that he abused a prison officer. “Following a comprehensive search of force systems, North Yorkshire Police can confirm that nothing was found to designate Edward Heath as either a suspect or a victim of crime in North Yorkshire,” the police force said in a statement. “One piece of intelligence held in relation to Mr Heath, though not connected to the North Yorkshire area, has been passed to Wiltshire Police as the force leading the investigation into the deceased former prime minister.”

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